Intro Program


When choosing dance classes, ballet is highly recommended as it is the foundation for all dance styles. Dancers show a significant amount of improvement in their all-around technique and performance when enrolled in a ballet program.



Intro to Ballet Technique: This class introduces, develops and further advances classical dance training. We focus on body alignment, rotation, extension and poise. Ballet is the foundation of all dance and we strongly encourage children to begin dancing by learning a solid foundation in ballet.

Intro to Musical Theater: Musical theater is genre of dance that is similar to broadway jazz. There are acting skills in addition to dance skills taught in this class. The class revolves around dramatic emotion, story telling and pantomime. This genre of dance is similar to the dancing children see in musical movies such as Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Newsies, Annie, etc. (Vocal instruction is not a part of the class).

Intro to Tap: Tap is an exhilarating form of dance that turns your child's feet into musical instruments! We focus on creating a variety of rhythms with our tap shoes and learning the basic foundational steps of tap dance.

Intro to Hip Hop: This class develops coordination and performance style while keeping dancers engaged and challenged. It is a style of dance rooted in rhythm, athleticism, experimentation and body formation.

Flexibility for Dancers: Flexibility is crucial in dance. This class teaches your child the stretching techniques to work towards greater flexibility. (Ages 7 and up).

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